Be open with a nonjudgmental approach, sex positivity embraces the diversity of sexual expression.
Be open with a nonjudgmental approach, sex positivity embraces the diversity of sexual expression.
Skirt Club

Skirt Club





Skirt Club, an executive members-only society of nearly 11,000 women around the world. No men allowed. Period. 

Skirt club has world renowned parties all over the world. They are sophisticated and posh making you feel you are a part of something very special. You feel important to be a part of this executive high end club, surrounded by beautiful women. They truly are the definition of glamour.

They’re a place for playfulness and pleasure. For flirtation and fulfillment bi-sexual, curious, straight married women, Founder of Skirt Club, Geneviève LeJeune

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However, even though Skirt Club is about exploring sexuality, it’s not just about having sex. Sex comes last at these events, Genevieve explained. In fact, attendees don’t even have to have sex if they’re not comfortable.

For the most part, Skirt Club is really a place of intimate and intellectual interactions. Many of the members are lawyers or businesswomen and they’re all intrigued by one another’s personal stories and desires.


According to Genevieve, there is Skirt Club, Mini Skirt and Sapience.

Skirt Club is the signature play party for those curious about their sexuality. It’s held in a private venue with free-flowing champagne, burlesque performances, games “and wherever the night may take you.”

Mini Skirt, on the other hand, is a cocktail soirée to meet other members. And because it’s held in a public space, no sex is allowed. However, there are still performances and drinks available.

Sapience is another type of experience. It’s a workshop for members who seek knowledge. They teach you about various things, from role playing to learning how to spank properly. “Women have an insatiable appetite for knowledge,” Genevieve told ENTITY. “So having a workshop makes complete sense. And yes, they’re turned on by the end without having even touched each other.

 Skirt Club's motto is, "Confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom," after all. Though membership is completely free, admission to its parties (about four to five a year in each city) are a hefty price of $150-plus, which covers the cost of renting out the venue (usually a luxe penthouse or loft), unlimited drinks, and other fees.