Be open with a nonjudgmental approach, sex positivity embraces the diversity of sexual expression.
Be open with a nonjudgmental approach, sex positivity embraces the diversity of sexual expression.

Sex Toys Aren't Regulated by the FDA

We are going to start with some important information most people aren't aware of - Sex Toys are NOT regulated by the FDA. 

Why should you care? The sex industry is the most unregulated safety standards in the country, at both the state and federal level. When it comes to buying sex toys, the burden of determining whether companies are honest about toxic materials, harmful design flaws, and misleading packaging falls solely on the consumer.

 :Don't buy sex toys off of Amazon, Ebay, or other unverified online retailers. Most of these retailers are purchasing products at very low prices from questionable places, how else would you explain bodily fluids, hairs, lent on the product when you receive it. That's not the worst of it...some people use materials that aren't made to go into the human body. This is why it's important for sex toys to be regulated by the FDA. Sex toys have been linked to causing cancer and infertility. Sex toys can be made with jelly-like plastic sheaths are produced with phthalates — chemicals used to produce some water bottles – and can be dangerous if they seep into your system.

The reason sex toys are so poorly regulated is because their manufacturers take advantage of a simple labeling loophole that categorizes the vast majority of sex toys as “novelty items,” which, unlike medical devices or foods, aren’t subject to mandated testing. This allows manufacturers to skirt all medical regulations and freely sell untested products.

Currently, one of the only agencies that overlooks the industry is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which oversees the sale of sex toys but does not mandate any form of testing. The Food and Drug Administration has regulatory control over three specific vibrators, but only because they are classified as obstetrical and gynecological therapeutic medical devices. The rest of the market is a wild west for sex toys, and no legislation is currently being proposed to address this problem.

A number of researchers have called attention to the actual health hazards that can result from using these untested and unregulated sex toys. “For a product that roughly half of the American population will use during their lives that can cause serious injury or even death if used incorrectly, this situation presents a dangerous deficiency in the regulatory scheme,” wrote whistleblower attorney Emily Stabile in the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law, & Justice in 2013. Another legal paper, published in 2007 in Law & Inequality, called out the federal government for failing “to protect consumers from toxic sex toys.”


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